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Aura Soma

P1020988small2What is Aura-Soma?

Aura-Soma is a healing system which works on your mind, body and spirit holistically. It is a non-intrusive therapy which differs from most others, as it is the client who chooses their remedy. This self-selection is initiated by the client – they choose from a selection of beautifully coloured bottles

The system of Aura-Soma is divinely inspired. It was birthed by a lady called Vicky Wall, the seventh child of a seventh child. It combines some beautiful gifts of nature in a totally holistic way according to vibration, frequency and waveform: the bottles are filled with the dynamic, living energies of colour; herbal extracts; essential oils; gems and crystals. Each one is a blend of 49 herbs, crystals and oils.

Colour is the key to linking the vibratory power of these ingredients, and through the colours you will discover that Aura-Soma is a mirror to your soul. It is a vibrant, evolving system that helps open the door to well-being and higher levels of consciousness.

Why Aura-Soma works

Scientists are finally discovering that we truly are energy beings. We vibrate at different levels, with each vibrational level projecting one of the colours of the rainbow. All matter is just light vibrating at different frequencies.

We are alive because a life force flows through us. This life force is regulated by subtle energy centres within our bodies, known as chakras. Each chakra is in constant motion, spinning like a wheel, and each resonates to a particular colour wavelength. When you feel ‘off colour’, one or more of these chakras is out of balance. You can restore balance and a healthy rhythm when you apply the appropriate bottle.

Since its birth in the mid 1980’s people around the planet have been using Aura-Soma as a tool for restoring and maintaining health at all levels. This healing system is embraced by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Aura-Soma Supports other Therapies

Although complete in itself, Aura-Soma also complements many other natural healing modalities as well as traditional medicine.

Take the journey to discover;
The real you

  • Your individual gifts
  • Your purpose in life
  • What underlies your health issues
  • The challenges facing you

These discoveries can dramatically improve your well-being at all levels and help you achieve your potential.

Aura-Soma Life Purpose Consultation




If you are interested in having an Aura-Soma Consultation please choose your 4 bottles in the order you are drawn to them and then contact me with these 4 colours in the same order that you chose them. The cost for a consultation is only £25 (payable by BACS or Paypal)

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