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The following courses are available from Love Your Life:

Ascension Therapy

Ascension Therapy is here to help us all adjust to the changes in the Earth’s energies and to cope with what that brings. This therapy is about Ascension to the 5th dimension and is extremely exciting and uplifting for those of us who use it. It teaches you deep healing and cleansing techniques.

You don’t have to want to be a therapist or teacher to do these courses. You can use it for your own ascension, your own spiritual journey. As more of us raise our vibration, then we help Mother Earth to raise hers and move more easily with the changes that brings. The challenges are about clearing the things that no longer serve. To understand that is a great comfort. As you become more in touch with the true essence of who you are then life will become an exciting adventure:

Ascension Therapy Level 1 – Student

This half day class starts the purification and healing process, in order to allow full connection to the fourth dimension. It assists the clearing and healing that your soul came down to clear and heal. It opens all the senses and chakras to higher levels of communication. It also opens up the past so that it can be released and cleared.

You will receive an attunement to the Ascension healing energy. This attunement enables you to use the healing energy and it is with you always. You will also learn sacred symbols to facilitate the deep healing and purification of mind, body and spirit.

Along with the deep personal healing, it will also allow you to adjust and be comfortable with the new energies that have peaked in 2010 and accumulated in big positive changes in 2012. 2013 and beyond are bringing about the changes needed for us all to be loving 5th Dimensional beings.

When attuned at this level you can treat yourself (very important), family, friends and Mother Earth

Please note: once you have completed the course, I will give you support if you have any questions that arise as you start using the system.

Course entry requirements – none except an open mind.

Price £200 – includes attunement and course materials.
address available on application

Ascension Therapy Level 2 – Therapist

Course entry requirements – successful completion of Ascension Therapy Level 1. Please leave at least 2 months before you consider doing Level 2, in order to allow the new vibrational changes to take effect

In Level 2, you are given the next attunement. You will be introduced to the Ascended Masters and Archangels that work at this level and you will be given further symbols to work with.

This level opens the conscious mind to the soul’s purpose and assists the adjustment to the higher frequency energies. It grounds you to the Earth in this higher level energy, to create a very powerful and harmonised Ascension healing energy. It also clears, repairs and strengthens the aura to raise its vibration.

By allowing healing to take place on the deepest levels it thereby opens the soul to new directions

From this level on you are insurable and able to practice as a therapist. This half day course is also for those of you pursuing your own spiritual development and raising your vibration for the changes in energies which have occurred since 2012.

Please note: once you have completed the course, I will continue to give support if you have any questions that arise from it

Price £200 – includes attunement and course material.

Ascension Therapy Level 3 – Master

Course entry requirements – successful completion of Ascension Therapy Level 2. Please leave at least 3 months after completing Level 2 before you book the Master level so that you can process the new energies and processes your physical and etheric bodies will be going through during this phase

Now you are clearing your own soul’s issues. Once you have experienced deep healing on yourself and can experience the joy of your right path – you are ready for Level 3.

Again, you can use this course for your own evolution and there is no obligation to teach.
You will receive an attunement to Ascension Master Level and be introduced to more Ascended Masters, Archangels and others who have chosen to work with this amazing system. You will be given more very powerful symbols to work with.

Master Level will: open the spirit up to new levels of awareness and to the fifth dimension (recognising that we are co-creators with the Divine); allow access to very high levels of healing energy; balance body, mind and spirit to the new vibrations from the ascension process.

If you wish, you will be able to teach this therapy once you have attained Master Level. If you choose to go along this path you will be required to attend and participate in some teaching at each level. I will provided a certificate to show which levels you have attained and will be allowed to teach.

For example, in order to teach Level 1, you will attend a Level 1 course and will be asked to do the attunements for that day. This will give you a good overview of the day looking at it from the perspective of how to teach rather than as a participant experiencing new energies and new learning. This will enhance your ability to teach the course well. You will receive a certificate to allow you to teach Level 1. This process is repeated for all levels. All the workbooks and course structures you need will be provided to help you on your way.

Price £200 – includes attunement and course materials.

Teacher Certificates

The charge for attending the courses for teaching practice to get your
teaching certificates will be £50 for each class. This includes lunch

Please note: once you have completed the course, I will continue to support you with any questions you might have.

Please note no prior knowledge of Reiki or any other energy healing system is required to start on your Ascension journey. Although if you have done Reiki, Seichim etc and want to enhance your healing journey then you can do so by attuning to Ascension Therapy. Most of our Attunees have had prior attunements in Reiki and Seichem/Sekhem including Master/Teacher levels

If there are no course dates published please contact me at Love Your Life.


Ghislaine Headland-Vanni

Ascension Therapy is accredited by the Holistic Healers Association.

Insurable through Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers.

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