Hypnotherapy, holistic and consultant for Neal's Yard Remedies

Therapies For Pets


We all know how much our pets mean to us so when they are feeling ill we want to do the best we can for them.

I love working with animals they are so intuitive. If they want healing they take it and when they have had enough they usually just walk away. They have this amazing ‘knowing’ which we seem to have lost. Even if they are fit and well they like to take a little bit of healing

I will consider working with most animals and have so far given healing to countless dogs and cats as well as horses, birds and a host of other pets.

If you feel your pet could benefit from energy therapy then please contact me

Energy Healing/Therapy For Pets – Prices:
£20 if you bring your pet to my therapy room
£25 within 20 miles of Holbeach
£30 between 21-30 miles of Holbeach

I am also very happy to send distant healing to pets so please contact me with their name and their problem

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