We cannot offer a 100% money back guarantee for the following reasons:

  • Offering a guarantee of any kind of ‘cure’ in herbal medicine or hypnotherapy, or any other therapy is unethical.
  • There is no guarantee with any type of therapeutic or medical intervention, whether it is herbal medicine, hypnotherapy, counselling or even prescribed medicine. Each of these works differently with different people at different times.
  • By guaranteeing success, I would be taking responsibility away from you, the client. As a Therapist I do not wave a magic wand over your problems – I work with you as a Facilitator. This equally applies to the Goulding SleepTalk Programme which I offer to parents

However I DO guarantee:

  • That I will work to the best of my abilities and apply my experience to each and every client as an individual.
  • That I have the best intentions and desires for my patients and clients to achieve the change they are looking for.
  • That as an evidence-based practitioner, I aim to use techniques which are supported by research and therefore offer the highest chance of successful change.
  • I will treat every client with respect and I will offer them full confidentiality

Love and Light