First session for most issues £60. Subsequent sessions (if required) £45.

The initial session can last up to around 90 minutes depending on the issues and problems you want to discuss prior to the Hypnotherapy itself. This information helps to ensure that you receive a highly personalised treatment based exclusively on your needs

Stop smoking £125* (less than the price of 20 packs of cigarettes)
(*includes a complementary follow-up within 3 months, if required)

According to recent clinical trials Hypnotherapy is shown to be the most effective form of smoking cessation available. Another plus is that you do not substitute one bad habit for another so there is no weight gain when you stop smoking this way
Discounts available for couples

Weight loss £145*
This is a 3-session treatment.

If you want support whilst you lose weight then Hypnosis is for you. It substitutes unhealthy cravings for healthy eating habits in a natural, gentle way.

Weight loss top-up sessions (if required) £45 each.

Goulding Sleeptalk Process

£147 for the package which consists of:

3 face-to-face online Consultations done over a period of 3-4 months
Fortnightly emails to check on progress and answer any queries
Ongoing support as required by email or phone for the duration of the process

Labrys Ascension Therapy (Energy Healing):

Book a wonderful, relaxing Ascension Therapy session, Energy healing helps you release stress and pain. It also gives you a wonderful feeling of well-being and relaxation
Per 30 min session £25
Per 1 hour session £45
(Sessions always include Chakra Balancing and checking).

Special offer: Free 15 minute mini taster (1 per person)


Energy Healing for Pets:

Pets seem to love energy healing and respond to it in a very positive way.
£20 if you bring your pet to the treatment room
£25 including travel within 20 miles of Holbeach
£30 including travel between 21-30 miles of Holbeach
If you live outside this area please contact me for a price

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available from £10 upwards please contact me if you wish to have one posted out. They are transferrable but the session MUST be pre-booked