A medical herbalist works in a similar way to a GP, treating patients with a wide range of health conditions, including mental health.  There are some differences as well:  we are not allowed to diagnose so we refer you back to the NHS for that and we treat our patients holistically, not just looking at the pain or issue at hand. We do not see ourselves as an alternative health service but as a complimentary one, which works alongside the NHS

We do a BSc degree which covers anatomy & physiology; pathophysiology; physical examinations; patient clinics and a lot of information about our herbal allies.

When our patients come to us or make an online appointment, as well as discussing the problem you have come to us with we go through:

  • medical history
  • family health history
  • any medications and supplements you are taking
  • diet
  • lifestyle
  • how each of your body systems is currently working and whether you have had issues in the past
  • if we are seeing you face-to-face we also do checks like your pulse and blood pressure

It is important to help you as a whole person not just as a ‘broken’ part