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Let me ask you a question:

What do you want to change in your life?

My name is Ghislaine and with my help you can get what you want out of your life.


How can I help you?  I am a Medical Herbalist (BSc Hons), Clinical Hypnotherapist, Stress Management Consultant, Accredited Goulding Sleeptalk™ Consultant and Holistic Therapist. I can help you with a wide range of health conditions from minor coughs and colds to more chronic issues such as auto-immune diseases. I can also help you can abolish phobias and self-doubts; or find more effective ways of dealing with your stresses. For example: are you unable to go and visit all those places you dreamed of because you are hampered by your fear of flying? It really doesn’t have to be that way.

Please visit the associated webpages if you want further information on how the any of my therapies can help your individual issues or watch my  short video below.

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Love and Light
Love Your Life


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