Where ancient and modern science meet. Herbal medicines have been used effectively for millennia and now many experiments have been done which prove the efficacy of many of the herbs used 

Medicines from nature, specially created for you

Medical Herbalism – Initial Appointment – £60

Herbal Medicine can be used for most illnesses and conditions.  In the hands of qualified practitioners it is both safe and effective. It works on its own or alongside conventional treatment.

The approach taken is holistic and works with you as a whole person, not just your symptoms, to bring about lasting changes. We look at your physical, mental and emotional state, life-style, and diet. The initial appointment lasts up to an hour 

Medicines: usually alcoholic tinctures, herbal teas or ointments cost £10 per week

Medical Herbalism – Follow Up – £35

The follow-up appointments last around 30 minutes.  They can be every fortnight, month or less frequently depending on the needs of you, the patient