Hypnotherapy can treat many conditions and can also be a very beneficial form of relaxation. The following list is by no means the end of everything it can treat.

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Smoking Cessation:

Hypnotherapy is recognised by the British Medical Association as one of the most effective ways of giving up smoking regardless of how few or how many cigarettes you smoke.

With hypnotherapy you will:

  • Have no desire to buy or smoke cigarettes
  • Feel no cravings or withdrawal symptoms
  • Have no need to substitute things for the cigarettes you once smoking
  • NOT gain any weight as a result of stopping smoking

If at any time during the first 3 months you start smoking or feel the urge to do so you can attend a further complementary session!

Stop smoking in one easy, stress-free session and as an added bonus you will not gain any extra weight you do not want. All this for the price of less than 20 packets of cigarettes

Weight Loss:

Most of your weight gain is due directly to the way you think and feel. Changing your diet alone is not enough to ensure continued success. With hypnotherapy you can change your beliefs; lose weight at a healthy rate and maintain that weight loss permanently because you will learn to listen to your body.

Weight loss is a 3 session treatment initially but you can come along for top-ups as and when you need them to help keep you going in the right direction.

Weight Control:

Achieve a better body image & lose or gain weight.

Phobias and Fears:

Managing your phobias using hypnotherapy enables the process to be gentle and stress-free. We work at YOUR pace

Panic Attacks:

Eliminate panic attacks in a gentle and successful way and feel much more relaxed and in control


Feel much more positive about yourself

(MP3 download available to improve your Self-confidence)

Stress, tension, anxiety, stuttering and blushing:

Feel calmer, more in control, learn how to become more relaxed, whatever the situation

(MP3 download available for Stress Management)





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Learn techniques to help you to get more sleep

(MP3 download available)


Improve your memory and have faster recall

Motivation and Focus:

Regain motivation and focus in all areas of your life, especially where you have become so stressed you cannot seem to move forward at all

Exam and Sports Performance:

Bring out your natural abilities and enhance your self-confidence


Break the habits you no longer want (bedwetting, teeth grinding etc can be treated using hypnosis)

Physical symptoms:

Pain, skin complaints, warts, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine– all can be improved using hypnosis

Impotence (psychogenic):

Get the control you want back


Let go of pain & take back control.

Regression (including past life/esoteric):

Discover who you are now and who you used to be in a past life. See how some event in your earlier life or a past life(s) may be impacting on your situation today. Even if you do not believe in past lives this is still a valuable and very useful tool for allowing you to discover patterns in your life that you may not have even been aware of

Hypnotherapy Prices:

First session £65. Subsequent sessions (if required) £50.

Please note that an initial session can last for up to 1.5 hours. Usual sessions last from 45-60 minutes

Stop smoking £99* (less than the price of 20 packs of cigarettes)

(*included is a complementary follow-up within 3 months, if required)

Discounts available for couples

Weight loss £120*

(*Weight loss is a 3-session therapy). Weight loss top-up sessions (if required) £45 each.